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How to turn off iPhone 12 right step by step

How To Turn Off iPhone 12 - If you've bought some flagship versions from the folks at Apple, you might think you already know very well how to do it but, just in case, we cover how to turn off iPhone 12 step by step.

It happens that many people, without realizing it, only use one of the available modalities, when in reality there are at least two ways to turn off the iPhone 12, each of which may be more practical depending on the circumstances.

How to turn off iPhone 12 right step by step

The first thing you should keep in mind is that not only is it recommended to let the device battery drain from time to time, but restarting, or power cycle, can be an ideal solution for everyone who wants to complete a certain operation. problems, or prevent them from continuing to consume autonomy, for example when they know it will take too long to return home.

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2 main ways to turn off iPhone 12


1. How to Turn Off iPhone 12 via hardware

Perhaps the most common procedure by which iPhone 12 owners shut down this computer is through hardware. That is, using the physical buttons that the device has.
To turn off your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Mini, or its Pro version, with a button, you'll need to do this:

  • Press the side button on the right side together with the button to increase the volume increase
  • Press and hold both buttons until the 'Slide to mute' slider appears
  • When you see that option on the screen, as seen in the article image, you just have to move it
  • Immediately in a flash and without further ado, your iPhone 12 will turn off completely.

2. How to Turn Off iPhone 12 via software

The second alternative is to turn off your iPhone 12 using the software switch which is always present in iOS. You can help yourself with the final image, or follow this tutorial:

How to turn off iPhone 12 right step by step

  • Go to Cellular Settings
  • Go to General section
  • There, scroll down to General
  • In General, scroll down again, until Off
  • Click that button, which says Turn Off, to confirm your intentions
  • You'll notice, at the right moment, that the «Slide to mute» slider returns. So you know what to do.


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Thus the information that can be shared about how to turn off the iPhone 12, hopefully after you read this post you will have other correct options when turning off the iPhone 12.

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