Survive Opponents : what you need to know for the Fortnite "Survive Opponents" Birthday Challenge

How to outlast opponents in fortnite - The Fortnite 3rd Birthday Bash is finally available to all players. Data-miners leaked that this event would come when a birthday wrapper was added to files in the v14.10 update. Prior to the v14.20 update, Epic sent an email to everyone in the support-a-creator program mentioning that there was a birthday event coming up for Battle Royale.

Survive Opponents : what you need to know for the Fortnite "Survive Opponents" Birthday Challenge

Epic officially announced that the third birthday party would be coming to Fortnite this weekend and got underway today at 2 p.m. BST. There are four challenges for players to complete, which you can see below

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Most of the challenges are pretty easy, but if you're not a regular Fortnite player or haven't played in a while, you may not know how to complete these challenges. Completing the challenges gives players a chance to win free cosmetic rewards.

Players will also get the Fortnite "Take The Cake" emote for free simply by logging in during the Birthday Bash event.  We have created a quick guide on how to quickly complete the Fortnite challenge "Survive Opponents".

Fortnite beats opponents

What does it mean to survive opponents in fortnite?
Opponents last longer in the Fortnite challenge means you need to survive longer than other players. There are 100 players in a game, and every opponent that is eliminated while you are alive means that you have beaten them.

How to survive opponents in Fortnite

If you really want to complete this challenge as quickly as possible and are wondering how to survive opponents in Fortnite, the best way would be to camp. You can find a building that is in the circle and sit under the stairs or somewhere hidden and wait for the number of players to drop.

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