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Bird farm elden ring, How to get to bird farm elden ring Elden Ring, read here

How to get to bird farm elden ring - The "bird farm" in the Elden Ring is a rune farm farm, fire arrows to a giant raven on the cloudy adventurer in Mohgwyn Palace. When correctly shot from a certain point on a distant cliff, the high-ranked bird will attack the player, but falls to its death in the abyss below, because it cannot fly. 

Bird farm elden ring, How to get to bird farm elden ring Elden Ring, read here

A nearby Place of Mercy can be used to recharge the area and revive the giant crow. As a result, runebuilders can earn tens of thousands of runes per minute, simply by using the bow and arrows from this "bird farm" location in the Elden Ring.

How to get to Mohgwyn Palace Bird Farm in Elden Ring

There are two possibilities, to get to the Bird Farm in Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring. First, players can gain access to the Sacred Snow Field in the Peaks of the Giant Mountains. Here travelers will find a transmission gate, which teleports them to the farm location. On the other hand, progressing through the Varré questline also grants access to Mohgwyn Palace.

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White-faced Varré, also known as White Mask Varre, is the NPC Tarnished will encounter at the beginning of his adventure in The First Step. The search for him begins with that, Instruct the protagonist to do so, Defeat Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil. When Tarnished talks to him after the fight, he forces her to attend the round table celebrations. Next, Varré will move to the Church of the Roses in Liurnia de los Lagos, after the player speaks with Enia.

She finds Varré in the Church of the Roses, so that he gives the protagonist five bloody fingers. She uses three of them and then talks to him. She will then provide the player with a cloth called the Lord of Blood's Favor, which must be soaked in a Finger Maiden's blood. This cloth can be used on the corpse of the virgin in the Church of the Inhibition in northeast Liurnia. Return the quest item to Varré and he will award the Pureblood Knight Medal to Tarnished, which teleports the players to Mohgwyn Palace.

After arrival, Ring of Elden Tainted can reach the Bird Farm location by riding towards a mercy on the southeast side of the Mohgwyn Palace map. The place of grace is called the Palace Approach Ledge-Road, where players can start farming runes with the giant crow.

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