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How to enable night mode on iPhone camera, Night mode camera on iphone

How to activate night mode on iphone - Gone are the confusing photos of faces hidden in after dark shadows. With Night mode, iPhone photographers can request stunning photos any time of day.

Night mode extends the exposure time of your photos, letting more light in and making pictures more beautiful. Plus, like other iPhone camera modes, you don't have to choose between night mode or normal photography: night mode turns on and changes naturally in low-light conditions.

Which iPhone models have Night mode?

To use night mode, you need an iPhone 11 (counting Pro and Pro Max) or iPhone 12 (counting Mini, Pro, and Pro Max).

How to enable night mode on iPhone camera, Night mode camera on iphone

If you want to use night mode with the front-facing "selfie" camera, in picture mode, or with vintage video, you'll need one of the iPhone 12 models.

There's no word on whether future iPhone models will also have a night mode, but it almost certainly will. There's also a chance it could come to other Apple devices with cameras, such as an iPad or Mac.

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The most effective way to use night mode on your iPhone

Night mode will activate naturally when you try to take photos in low light conditions. You'll see a small image on the top left, which looks like the moon, turning yellow. A dot such as "1s" or "5s" will appear next to the image of the moon when it is taken, indicating the exposure time (or the time that the camera determines to access the light before taking the photo).

When Night mode is activated, press the round button on the screen to take photos as usual. Keep the camera as still as possible until the aperture is finished; It takes some getting used to, but to get a decent night shot, you need to give the camera time to catch the light.

Instructions for changing taking photos in Night mode

When Night mode is enabled on your iPhone, a moon symbol will display the load time next to it, i.e. the time it takes to take a decent picture in Night mode. However, you can physically change this clock by assuming that it indicates that the image should be faster or of a better caliber.

1. When you are in the camera app in low light and Night mode has been activated at the recommended time, tap the Night mode symbol.
Quick note: In some low-light situations that are not dim enough to enable night mode, the image of the moon will appear but will turn gray. However, you can touch the symbol to activate and modify it.

2. A slider will appear below the border – move it to the ideal position for more light or to the left for less light. For all additional light, there may be an option - "Max". This allows the camera to shoot when needed to make the most ideal night mode shot. Similarly, you can disable night mode completely here.

3. Take pictures as usual, keeping the camera still.

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Thus a brief tutorial on how to enable night mode on the iPhone camera, hopefully with this post those of you who are looking for information on how to enable night mode on the iPhone camera can understand and be able to use the night mode camera on the iPhone.

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