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How to delete drafts on tiktok or remove draft videos from TikTok

How to delete drafts in tiktok - To remove draft videos on TikTok we must apply an extremely simple process, the videos on our TikTok profile are there until we decide to have them. If we no longer want to have a video on our profile, we just delete it and the video will go to drafts.

Drafts is a folder found in our profile, this folder stores all the videos that we delete at some point. If you want to remove draft videos from your TikTok profile, keep reading, here we explain step by step.

How to delete or remove draft videos from my TikTok?

How to delete drafts on tiktok or remove draft videos from TikTok

The fact of deleting or deleting TikTok draft videos is done for different purposes, a user may want to delete a video that they have uploaded and did not like after doing so, or they simply want to make a better one to gain views and replace the previous one. .

Whatever the reason a user wants to delete TikTok videos, what really matters is how they can do it, and not only so that others stop seeing it on their profile, but also to permanently delete it, that is, remove it. from the drafts folder.

If you want to delete draft videos on TikTok, the first thing you should do is go to your profile; there you will see the drafts folder and enter it.

The second thing you will do is click on 'Select'. In this way, you will have the possibility to select one or all the videos that you have in drafts.

The third step is to select the video you want to delete, and click on 'Delete' (the trash can sign); Finally, you must click accept and it will be deleted.

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How to remove draft videos from my TikTok completely?

The process explained in the previous section is the one used to delete videos from the drafts folder; which means that they must be there first, inside the folder, and then yes apply the process.

But you may be a new user on TikTok and your knowledge of the application is still too low to carry out the explained process. But don't worry, we will show you how to delete TikTok videos completely.

The first thing you have to do is delete the videos uploaded to your TikTok account, entering the video and, in the three ellipsis sign, look for the option to delete the video.

You have to accept and after that, said video will be found in drafts within your TikTok profile. Once there, you can apply step by step what has been explained in the previous process.

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Now, you can apply this to any video and it will work for you; but if for some reason you want to delete all the videos, in the select option you just have to choose them all and hit delete in the same way.

And if something happened with the operation of the application, and you don't even want to use it, you can also delete the account from your phone very quickly and easily.

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