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How to screenshot Samsung A40 less than 5 seconds

Screenshot Samsung A40 - Samsung gadget company to be precise in mid-2019 has issued a Samsung variant A, namely the Samsung A40. It looks like the Samsung A40 product is included in the mid-range line of cellphones because this can be seen from the specifications of the Samsung A40, which is hardware that has a capacity of 3100mAh and a 5.9 "screen equipped with a 16 + 5MP rear camera with a pixel density level of 437ppi and a display resolution of 1080 x 2340pixels. The Samsung A40 has an Octa Core processor with a weight of 140g

How to screenshot Samsung A40 less than 5 seconds

By having a fairly affordable specification, it turns out that there are still some Samsung A40 users who don't understand how to screenshot the Samsung A40. Of course, if we have a Samsung A40, according to the admin, we must know about the screenshot site, because screenshots are very important when we are going to produce a Samsung A40 screen capture.

We can share the results of the Samsung A40 screen capture as evidence of what is happening on the Samsung A40 screen. But if you still don't know about how to take screenshots of Samsung A40, you are now in the right place because here the admin will provide an explanation.

How To Screenshot Samsung A40

Below the admin has made a tutorial so you can take screenshots, the admin only makes screenshots of the Samsung A40 in 2 ways, for more details, please see and choose which method you think is easier

1. Screenshot with Samsung A40 Physical Button [Samsung A40 Screenshot with Hardware Button]

  • Specify the screen page that you want to screenshot.
  • Now press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  • Wait until you see the screen flash and you hear the shutter sound.
  • The screenshot results will be automatically saved in the Gallery.

2. Screenshot of Samsung A40 with Palm Swipe [Screenshot of Samsung A40 Without buttons]

  • Open the Settings menu on the Samsung A40
  • Scroll the screen and you please select Advanced Feature.
  • On this page, please select Motion and Gesture.
  • Activate the option Palm Swipe to capture.
  • Then, as usual, specify the page you want to screenshot.
  • Wipe the Samsung A40 screen using the side of the palm that forms like a knife.
  • When you see the screen flickering and you hear the sound of a shuter, the screenshot will automatically be saved in the Gallery.

The final word

This is the tutorial that admin can share about How to Screenshot Samsung A40, hopefully this tutorial can be understood and hopefully you can now capture Samsung A40 screens, both screenshots of Samsung A40 using hardware buttons or screenshots of Samsung A40 without hardware buttons

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