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How To Hold a Conference Call With Your iPhone

How to conference call on iphone - Your iPhone allows you to call up to five people at once, making it easy to set up conference calls quickly.

How To Hold a Conference Call With Your iPhone

How to Add Participants to Conference Calls

Start your conference call by calling one of the participants usually from the Dialer application. You might want to tell that person that you will add more people to the call.

When on a call on your iPhone, tap the "Add Call" button. The first call will be put on hold while you make the second call. Call a second person number or choose from your contacts.

After the second person answers the call, you will see the first call on hold and the second call active underneath. If you have the names of people in your contacts, their names will be displayed here. If not, you will only see their telephone number.

Tap the "Join Calls" button and you now have a conference call that involves you and the two people you are calling.

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Repeat this process several more times if you want to add another caller. Just tap "Add Call", call the next person, then tap "Join Call" after they answer. You can call up to five people at once. For conference calls that involve more people, you will need a more sophisticated conference calling system.

If you receive an incoming call while you are in a conference call - or other call - you can press the "Hold & Accept" button. The current call will be put on hold and you will answer the person. After you tap this button, you can tap "Join Calls" to join the person who is calling your phone number to an existing call, just as you have called them.

Don't tap "End & Accept" or your iPhone will end your current call, disconnect everyone on the conference call, and receive a new call. If you don't want to talk to that person right away, you can press "Send to Voicemail".

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