Reset Samsung Galaxy J7, How to Hard Reset and Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J7

Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 - Samsung smartphones are so familiar in the world of cellular technology, this is proven by the number of Samsung smartphone users. There are so many variants of Samsung smartphones that we can find in the market, because Samsung's marketing can cover the lower, middle, and upper classes.

Reset Samsung Galaxy J7, How to Hard Reset and Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J7

But you must know that even if you have a very sophisticated Samsung smartphone, it is possible because with the frequent use of cellphones and the many applications, sometimes Samsung smartphones hang and cannot be used. But if that happens you don't need to worry because Samsung is equipped with a reset feature so that all problems can almost be resolved. Therefore in this post the admin will share information about how to Hard Reset and Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J7. Also read: How To Split Screen Samsung Galaxy A Series

But before you reset the Samsung Galaxy J7, for better security your data memory card is saved, so that all the data in the memory will remain safe. Below the admin will share 2 ways to reset Samsung Galaxy 7 to restore Samsung Galaxy J7 factory settings

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy J7

How to Hard Reset and Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 is sometimes used as a way when the system on the Samsung Galaxy J7 is found with various problems, such as the Samsung J7 hangs frequently, the Samsung Galaxy J7 is slow and various other problems. For more details, please follow the tutorial below on how to reset Samsung Galaxy J7 . Also read: How To Screenshot Samsung A40

1. How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 from settings

Prepare the device, Go to Settings Menu> Backup and reset> Factory data reset> Reset device> Erase everything. Now, please wait for the Samsung Galaxy J7 factory reset process to finish, if the process is complete then the Samsung Galaxy J7 will turn on by itself, and all the settings are back as when we bought a new Samsung Galaxy J7

2. How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 by entering the recovery mode menu

When the Samsung Galaxy J7 menu can't be accessed or we forget the Samsung Galaxy J7 pattern lock, Samsung Galaxy J7 botloop, forgot the Samsung Galaxy J7 security code, then you can use Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J7 from the recovery mode menu. The way this is done is:

  • Make sure the battery charge of the Samsung Galaxy J7 is around 70%
  • Please turn off the Samsung Galaxy J7 (Disable Samsung Galaxy J7)
  • To enter recovery mode Samsung Galaxy J7, please press and hold the Volume Up + Home + Power button simultaneously until you see the Samsung Galaxy J7 logo screen appears, When you see the Samsung logo, please release the volume, home and power buttons, wait a few when the Samsung Galaxy J7 will enter the recovery mode menu.
  • To naviigation of the Samsung Galaxy J7 recovery menu, please use the volume button and the power button to OK.
  • Next, please select wipe data factory reset and then to confirm select yes - delete all user data
  • Select wipe cache partition
  • Select reboot system now
  • You have to wait until it's finished because the Samsung Galaxy J7 will restart automatically
  • When the process of restarting the Samsung Galaxy J7 has been completed, the Samsung Galaxy J7 will automatically turn on by itself and all the settings will look like new when we buy a Samsung Galaxy J7
  • Done

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This is the information admin can share about how to Reset Samsung Galaxy J7, hopefully after you read this post you can handle problems that occur on Samsung Galaxy J7.

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